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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Hermes loot from the Hermes "petit h" event in Hong Kong


Here I am feeling so guilty again not updating my blog!  :P  Please forgive me as our family has been undergoing lots of changes lately.

First of all, there has been a lot of sicknesses going on the past few months.  I, for one, have had a bad stomach flu named "Norovirus" and had been experiencing vomitting and diarrhea!!  But I am glad to say that this is all cleared!  Secondly, my hubby got a promotion and we are all relocating to Singapore this December!  Only 2 more months to go!!  So, we have been flying on and off to the Lion city to search for our house, my son's school, etc..... I feel so much pressure because of the tight schedule!

So, after 2 months, I will be blogging from Singapore!  I will miss Hong Kong dearly because no other Asian countries can match the excitement in this small international dynamic city which I am so used to (perhaps Japan yes).  You can say I am biased...LOL!  Anyway, wherever my husband goes, I go.  I've got no choice but to try to enjoy the new city as much as possible.  Wish me luck that I can survive LOL!  But I am sure to come back to HK every 3 months to visit my friends and families, and of course to do my quarterly shopping!  Heheheheehe! Nothing beats the shopping in HK. :P

Anyway, I want to share with you a special Hermes event that I have attended a few weeks ago which was truly memorable.  If you're a Hermes fan, you might be already familiar with Hermes "petit h" project.  It is a project started by Mme Pascale Mussard, who is the creative brain behind "petit h" and also a member of the 6th generation of Hermes family.   Since childhood, she has always asked people not to throw away things because she thinks those might be useful in the future.  As she grew up, she has this idea that discarded materials from the ateliers of Hermes deserve "a new life".  So, she started this laboratory and formed a team of designers and artisans from different Hermes workshops to invent extraordinary and unique objects out of the discarded materials.  This is where the various artisans (leather craftsmen and saddlers, seamstress, silversmiths, crystal and porcelain workers, cabinetmaker etc....) are united in a single workshop to discover and inspire each other to create masterpieces together using the discarded materials without boundaries in their imagination!

Hong Kong petit h VIP pre-launch event on Sept 25: 
Each station sells different cute things made from discarded materials from the ateliers of Hermes....

My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to the VIP pre-launch of this petit h event before it was opened to the public.  We got to meet with Mme Pascale Mussard in person and we really had a great time talking to her! She is very down-to-earth and friendly, and of course, she speaks of her project with sparkles in her eyes! You can instantly feel her passion about petit h, and her aspiration to unite the creative force in Hermes for petit h is so inspiring!  You can see that as a family member of Hermes, she truly treasures all the artisans creativity and craftsmanship.

Me and my favourite Hermes Medor clutch!  
Beside me is this very cute petit h creation "Horse-shaped Secretaire" which is made of oakwood, leather, alligator and croc!  So cute!

The creations of petit h are presented together for limited periods at selected Hermès boutiques at different times throughout the world.  The first was of course at the mothership store at Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris which was in 2010, followed by Tokyo, New York and Rue de Sèvres store in Paris in 2011 and Berlin in 2012.  We are so lucky that Hong Kong was chosen to be the 2nd Asian location for this event after Japan!  For those of you who reside in Hong Kong, the event will end on October 18 at the Hermes Galleria boutique in Central.   Next stop will be in Brussels from Dec 7 to 24, 2012.  For those of you who want to know more about petit h, you can take a look at Hermes website below and explore the ideas and creation behind:

Following below are a series of pictures I took at the event, my ODJ and of course, I didn't come home empty handed! :)  You will see my petit h loot at the end. :P

My "petit h" loot....what's inside? :P

Hope you enjoy all the pictures and my petit h loot!   Till my next post!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Dog House made of leather!!  Wow, who's the lucky doggie?

A giant orange dog!!

A lovely lamp made of Hermes leather...

Look at those silk bracelets and necklaces made from the left-overs of different designs of Hermes silks!!!

Mirror mirror on the wall!  This has to be my personal favourite!!  A mirror with a border made up of different types of Hermes locks!  You can see bag locks, bracelet locks, belt locks etc!  I wish I could bring it home but it costs more than a crocodile Birkin!!!  LOL!

My ODJ Details:  
Triple Bow Black&White Satin Ruffles and Lace top, Mango red pants, American Retro Black Silk Trench, Valentino Patent Black Rock Stud loafers, Hermes "Medor" clutch in Fauve Tadelakt, Chanel pearl earrings and Hermes "Clic H" XL in Black/Gold with Black Enamel H

Close-ups of my Accessories:
Hermes Medor Clutch in Fauve Tadelakt with Gold Hardware

My new Hermes "Clic H" XL Black/Gold enamel bangle with Black enamel H lock
(this is part of my new loot...)

My new Valentino Rockstuds black patent loafers bought from Paris...

Lovely packaging made from petit h leathers!  We have rabbit, tortoise, sail boat in different colours of leathers as souvenirs from the event...:)

1st small Box: "Bride en Soie" PM silk bracelet in Bleu/Violet/Vert

2nd Box: "Elephant Astique" PM leather reversible bag charm in Etoupe clemence/Brique epsom

3rd Box: Leather bangle in Rose lizard with black leather of my favourites! :)

Wearing them together....
"Arm Party" with Bride en Soie silk bracelet and Rose lizard bangle 

4th Box: "Croco Rond" PM shiny crocodile reversible pendant necklace in Vert Anis and Orange

And now to the bigger boxes!  What are these petit h creations???  Collar?  Silk??

This is called "Textile Accessory" by Hermes ("Accessoire Modulable" in French).  
It is made of a leather collar and a piece of Hermes silk is attached to the collar. :)

This accessory can be worn in 3 different ways: 
(1) as a scarf/tie hanging freely on your chest
(2) as a hood over your head
(3) as a mini-stole to cover your arms

And here is one of the pieces I have chosen!  Each piece is unique and there won't be another piece exactly same as mine. :)  This one is with an olive green colour chèvre leather collar with a matte gold round button.  The silk scarf attached is the "Fleurs d'Indiennes" print.

And as a neutral option, I also chose this black piece which can easily match any colours.  The collar is made of black chèvre leather with a matte silver round button.  The silk scarf attached is the "Jardins des Metamorphoses" print.  So looking forward to wear them soon!


  1. Hi Mia, congrats on your family's relocation to Singapore! I have been following your blog for sometime, and was dismayed when you were missing in action. Nevertheless, I am staying in Singapore, and happens to be in HR...feel free to ask me questions about relocation, tax etc if you are not sure. I am sure your husband's company would have provided a good relocation/orientation program though.

  2. Mia, I'm so glad you are back! I was a reader of your blog for a long time, and I also won one of your old giveaways!

    As I wrote on TPF, I am in love with your khaki collar textile accessory! Truly one of the most beautiful petit H pieces I've seen, combining two of Hermes' best - leather and silk.

    P.S. You should install the Google Friend Connect widget on your blog so I can follow your future posts!

    Enjoy your H goodies! :)

  3. Hi Mia, I have been reading your blog since last year. Loved all ur bags and shoes collection! :) I am from Singapore as well and often flew to Hong Kong for shopping. Singapore is a nice place and I am sure you will like it here :). Let me know if u need more info abt Singapore and will see if I can help :). - Mei

  4. It's great to read your update and thank you so much for sharing your photos of this amazing event! Congrats on the relocation - I hope it all goes to plan for you and your family. I must say you are looking Fabulous and really well! Look forward to your next post.....:-)


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