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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chanel 101

Earlier, I was saying that I played around with my Chanel bag family while taking the "family picture". It's so much fun categorizing them into different styles, sizes and leathers. I'll share some pictures and information of the "categories" one by one below.

First of all, here's my Chanel Classic Flap family (all with "CC" lock closures)....

And then, among the Classic Flap family, there are 2 sizes which I collect:
1. The "Classique" size (Europe calls them "medium size", while in the US, people call them "medium/large" or "M/L" size) ==> this is the most original size Chanel first released. It's 10" x 6". This size has double flaps (i.e. it has an inner flap when you open the bag.)
2. The "Jumbo" size ==> this is my favourite size of all because it's practical and classic. You can just go casual/formal with them....anything! The dimensions of the jumbo size is 12" x 8". Jumbo sizes only have 1 outer flap unlike the medium sizes with double flaps.

Here are the "medium" size members of my Chanel Classic Flap family...

And this is the jumbo size members of my Chanel Classic Flap family.

Aside from the Jumbo and Medium sizes for Classic Chanel flaps, there are also the "baguette" size (some people call it East/West size), the mini size (which is a square-shaped flap), and also the new released "maxi" size (even larger than a jumbo). But I am not really into these sizes coz they are not the practical for my lifestyle and these sizes don't really flatter my figure. That's why I only collect Jumbos and Mediums, in both gold and silver hardware/chain colors.

For the Chanal Classic Flaps, there are all sorts of leathers you can choose from: lambskin, caviar (calfskin with pebbled texture), patent, tweed, python, crocodile/alligator skin etc. You name it. I love lambskin the most because it just feels so "luxurious" and buttery soft. Caviar, on the other hand, is really durable. Patents are beautiful in their own ways, however, you need to store them carefully in a cool dry place to avoid the patent leather becoming sticky. I love python too and lucky to own 1 python flap in the metallic bronze color. Crocs are nice but too expensive (which I'd rather invest in a Hermes Birkin. Hahahaha!).

Then, there is also another very classic Chanel style called the "2.55 Reissue". The difference of the reissue vs. the classic style lies mainly on the chains and lock closure. For reissue styles, the lock is rectangular (it's called "Mademoiselle" lock), and the chains are "all metal" without any interwoven leather like the classic bags (this is called "reissue chain"). Actually, "Reissue" is the most classic Chanel bag of all because it was the 1st Chanel bag designed by Mlle Coco herself. The classic bags with CC closure was only introduced during the 80's when Karl Lagerfeld joined as the designer of Maison Chanel (i.e. House of Chanel). Reissue is a "MUST" for any Chanel collector/lovers out there! Hehehehe!

Here's my "Reissue" family members...

Now, "Reissue" also has different sizes:
1. Large size (32cm across, sometimes the US people call it "227" size because of the style number used prior to 2008)
2. Medium size (28cm across aka. "226" size)
3. Small size (25cm across aka. "225" size)
4. Baby size (20cm across aka. "224" size)
5. X-Large size (36cm across aka "228" size. This size was once released in 2007, but then this size is no longer available now.)

From top to botton / left to right, X-Large, Large, Medium, Small reissue:

I love the Large size the most coz it gives you the chic/casual look. I also have Medium and Small size for different occassions.

Here are some pictures of the different chain colors of "Reissue". Some are tarnished matte gold (I love this hardware the most because of its vintage effect), some are shiny silver, some are darker shade of ruthenium, some are black. These hardware color compliment each bag differently.

Now, here are different pictures categorized by leather:

Lambskins (Classic Flaps and Bubble Quilt Hobo Flap)

Caviar (Classic Flaps)

Patents (Classic Flaps and Reissues)

Pythons and Tweeds(Classic Flaps & Classic Clutch)

Of course, there's always this "Miscellaneous" category. Here are the other styles I own:
- Bubble Quilt Hobo Flap (shown earlier) and Bubble Quilt Bowler made of lambskin released in 2007 (Bubble Quilt is one of my favorite twist to classic flaps)
- Portobello "bag-in-bag" effect (the tote I always use) which was released in 2008 (Portobello's outer leather is in shiny calfskin, while the top cover is made of lambskin)
- Timeless Classic clutch (shown earlier) which is the only clutch style I own because Chanel's classic clutch is a pretty size which can fit in quite a lot of things as compared to other clutches. I love it in dark silver (which was a special limited edition released in 2008 in Hawaii only) and python.
- Tweed flap (shown earlier) which was released in 2004 and I love this special flap design which is a bit different from usual classic flaps. It's also known as "Mischa Barton tweed flap" coz she has been seen carrying this flap around for a lot of times. This is the only tweed flap I own and I love it to bits.
- Pearls Obsession lambskin accordion style small tote which is made of lambskin released in 2009 Spring/Summer. I love that this tote has navy faux pearls all around it with the CC made of these same navy faux pearls. I love pearls so I bought this bag for a change.

Miscellaneous Chanel bag...

So, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the "Chanel Lesson". Hehehehe! More to come!


  1. You are cray girl. I thought I might stop by here before I gone up to watch DVD. Then...Man...Oh, My....geez...Ok, I totally surrendered... You are number 1!!

    So how do you decide which one to carry when going out?? I would have a hard time and I might change bags from morning to noon then evening. ahahahahahahahaha

  2.'re so funny R! Well, actually I choose my bag first before my clothes these days. Then I will work out what clothes/colors will work best with the bag. I think it's easier that way. Well, since I'm really really running out of closet space, I think I need to give up around 10 Chanels for my upcoming ones. I really don't know where to start!! I love all of them! LOL!! Thanks for stopping by again! :D (Yes, I am crazy...hahahahaha!)

  3. Congrats on your blog, Mia! oh my. when you do it, you do it big.

    a spectacular start!!!

    I added myself to your followers group, so i can see whenever you update your blog. I just realized how cool this blog thing is. it is very easy to cruise from one's blog to the other's because we are connected as soon as we added each other in. it works like a facebook in that sense!

  4. O.M.G. I don't think I've ever seen everything of yours until this post!! I agree with the girls - how do you decide? I would probably take an additional 2 hours in the morning just to work an outfit around the bag I feel like carrying for the day. :) And not to mention all the beautiful accessories and costume jewelry that you own. *sigh*

    So now I'm going to ask for a group photo of your growing shoe collection AND your jewelry too pleez. Ok, maybe not immediately, but someday. TIA! Hohohoho...

    As for starting my blog, I was just replying to you at Julia's blog that I probably won't start any new blogs, as I already have a private one about parenthood and being a mommy. Pretty boring stuff... definitely not as exciting as Chanel, fashion, and eye candies! :D

  5. Thank you for sharing-I am just starting my Chanel collection and needed the lesson on the flaps vs reissues. I feel much more educated. I actually found you via a post on TPF from June 08. You posted pics of the violet Mademoiselle bag (looks like the doctor bag) that I was considering buying thru a reseller (authenticated as real). I did buy it and am buying a new Jumbo flap as soon as I can get up to Boston. Your collection is awesome! Can't wait to see the updates. Thanks again-Sally

  6. I noticed you have a Chanel flap bag with little charms on the chain... that bag is beautiful, what is it?! Can you post some more pictures of it?

  7. WOW!! Wonderful Blog!!
    Très très Chic!!!! J'adore!!!!
    Kisses :)!!

    Daniela "Dream Sahbby Chic" Milano

  8. Hi! I'm so happy I found this blog posting and I hope you reply since you are a Chanel Pro and I have a question! Last month I bought a Large Reissue Bag in Matte Black Leather and Gold Hardware (it looks like you have the small version in the pictures you posted). I've had this bag for one month now and I feel like the gold chain is tarnishing, its starting to look silvery gold instead of just plain gold. Is this normal or is it defective? I don't want the gold chain to tarnish only after 1 month, but maybe this is the way the bag is intended to look since its matte vintage leather? I really like the shiny gold with no tarnish. Does your small black reissue also have a tarnished gold chain? Maybe it was like this when I bought it but I had not noticed the tarnishing. What do you think, is it meant to be tarnished gold chain or should I take it back to the store and see if they can replace the chain? Please help, I'm confused!!! Thank you!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Wowwwww! I just had to lift my lower jaw up off the ground. You have an extremely LARGE collection of Chanel bags!! LOL. I am sooo jealous!

    I just purchased my very first Chanel last month and I am in LOVE. I got the small Reissue 2.55 in black. At the time of purchase, they were sold out of the medium size which is what I probably would have preferred but I couldn't wait and settled on the small instead. One good thing about the small in the reissue is atleast it's a little larger in dimensions than the small in the classic flap. Am i correct? And although the small isn't as practical, I do think it's quite feminine and classic. Not to mention, I'm only 5'0 tall and 93 pounds so i'm trying to convince myself that the other sizes would look to bulky on me! hehe. Anyway, after coming across your blog, I can't help buy aspire to start a collection just like yours! Yah right, in a perfect world maybe!! :)

  11. omg, you've got to be RICH !
    j'aime CHANEL!

  12. OH MY ... This is the only thing i can say .
    I dropped by your blog while surfing randomly .

    I so want to be your daughter magically !!!

  13. I'm in love with your Chanel collection!!!

    Maria @

  14. hi there! I hope you dont mind but I would like to put one of your pictures in my blog. I will place this entry link in the entry as well. How I wish I have a collection like yours. Its simply to DIE for!!! if only .. if only!!! the next color that I am aiming for is the Dark Red 2.55. OoOooo I sooo want it!! If only I have alot of money .. but a girl can dream innit???

  15. wow...that many Chanel bag? b_b that is awesome.
    I wish I have envy you.

  16. Thanks for the quick lesson in Chanel bags Mia! I'm currently saving for a 2.55 but wasn't sure as to which size that I'd like to get. I was looking at the prices on The Purse Forum and was a bit confused as to what "227" or "228" meant. So this was a timely and informative post!

  17. I'm drooling! My favorite is the Cherry red patent medium flap. Your collection is the best I've seen on blogger!

  18. Lovely collection! Congratulations!
    If you could just buy one classic flap,which color and leather you buy?
    Thank you!


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