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Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 2 new Louboutin's .....Chanel and Louboutin are just perfect together! :D

Hi gals,

As promised, here are my newly arrived Louboutin's. Now I have a total of 17 pairs of Louboutin in my collection. Pretty good for a newbie...hehehehehe! And I'm contented with my collection so far. I'll find some time to take picture of my complete Louboutin collection in the near future.

But for now, here are my newest additions:

1. New Simple Patent Metallic Red 120mm Pumps

I've actually tried on this exact pair of pumps when I was in Paris but didn't buy them since my DH was so pissed with the service there. Well, after the great service he had at Hermes, nothing can really compete. Hahahahaha! Anyway, I still couldn't get them out of my mind so I ordered them finally. I love the deep burgundy-red with the nice metallic finish. It's just so cool with black pants and jeans, and skirts with a pair of matte black tights if you have great legs.

BTW, I didn't really pay attention to "New Simple" style before because it used to have the 90mm heels only and I find that the silhouette is not that "sexy". But when I tried on these 120mm heels, same style, I'm quite amazed that the shoes are so "hot"!! I even prefer them to my Simple and Ron Ron (both without platform) coz it's actually more comfortable to wear in 120mm platform as compared to the 100mm/85mm without platform. Haha...I'm so tempted to buy the matte gray and metallic aubergine colors too for the New Simple 120mm, but I must not. :P

2. Resort Collection: No Prive Multicolor-Nude Mini Fine Glitters Peeptoe Slingbacks with Gold 120mm Heels
- this is love at first sight!!! It's from the new Resort collection and just arrived recently. There was a glitter No Prive from the fall collection as well (one is silver/anthracite glitters w/ silver heels and the other is gold glitters w/ gold heels), but I find that the grains of the glitters are too rough and big, and it's monotone. But for this one, the grains of the glitters are really mini and smooth, and it's sort of a multicolor-platinum-nude shade which is so special with the gold heels! Love it instantly so I ordered them as I have been wanting a pair of glitter CLs since I fell in love with the brand. They are just PERFECT!!!!

Hope you like my newest additions! :D

Actually, I have a pair of similar Louboutin slingback with gold heels. It's the "So Private" black nappa peeptoe slingbacks with platform and golden heels. Here are some pictures for comparison with the above "No Prive". "So Private" has thicker platform than "No Prive", but both are really comfortable. I wear the same size for both styles. Also, my black "So Private" are with matte gold heels, while my new "No Prive" glitters have shiny gold heels. :P

And some modeling pictures I took before wearing the above CL shoes (posted them on tPF in my August Mega Reveal thread BTW). I was wearing:

- Bottom Layer ==> Black camisole w/ lace neckline (no brand - bought from a local HK shop)
- Top Layer ==> "Bread n Butter" Magenta mixed fabric satin/jersey "cape-like" top

- Walter Ma black cropped sarouel/harem pants w/ garter hem and stitch details at bottom

- Chanel 2009 Prefall Paris-Moscou limited edition "2.55 MOSCOU" Arabesque lace effect gold/burgundy bag in "226" 28cm size w/ dangling cage w/ pearls adornment

- Christian Louboutin "So Private" black calf platform peeptoe slingbacks w/ matte gold heels

- Earrings: Chanel 2009 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Golden Vine" dangling pearl earrings
- Necklace (layered effect):
(a) Chanel 2009 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Russian Pearls" multi CC long pearl necklace
(b) Chanel 2009 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Golden Vine" long pearl necklace w/ large pearl pendant
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black frame w/ brown gradient lens and orange rim

Close-Up of my Chanel's by far my favourite Chanel bag!! It's just so unique and rare!


Love the "pearl cage" details...

And the lace effect, special chain and hardware.....

Hope you enjoy the pix!



  1. OMG I love everything Mia! i love the two new shoes, now the No prive is on my wish list! the 2.55 moscou is just TDF! you know i actually had a chance to buy this bag but DF stopped and now i really really want it! i love everything Mia!! (its a coincidence bu i have 17 pairs of CLs too!!)

  2. That magenta top is way gorgeous and I really like the sleeve detail! Of course, I think the Chanel accessories and 2.55 really complete the look. Those pants look super comfy and flattering... I need one!

    I'm so glad you're back posting b/c I sure miss your ODJs.

  3. helooooo ms royalty!
    hey mars, thankie for thr price info of thw woc and mini ha!!! yup got it! charm gave me all the 411!!
    so finally we will meet sa Dec! my sis Jackie also coming,
    oh well I made tambay sa house ni Mareng charm kahapon to try on the woc you got her from paris... well gandahhhhhhhhh! ka lokah, so Im sold!
    Im getting a woc and a mini sa dec.. well aside sa gateway na chanel where na chanel pa ba ok?
    kainis dun coz the darn line is always long pag Dec grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! well ofcourse I might need your VIP charming powers sa Chanel!
    ok sa my email is busted!!!! pls send me again your email mars,
    those CL's......
    x0 kat

  4. Love them!
    I was wondering.. I'm new to your blog and everything.. But how do you get the money? Do you have a really good job, or is your DH very rich?


  5. I love the whole outfit and how you accessorized it. two thumbs up!

  6. Hi,

    I was looking thru the web for Chanel bags and I was brought to your site. Was I glad! I am in awed of all your goodies. Please keep it up!

    Cheers, bonvic

  7. Hey, mia: I bought that glitter nude CL but returned it today. The size 39 is a bit small, I should have ordered 39 1/2 but I am not too upset. :) Wanna save money!!

    I like your ensemble, simply and see the pretty whole look of you.

    That Chanel bag is really ONE OF A KIND LOOK, really impressive!!! I think this one is way better than the babushka doll collection .:P

  8. Hi Cutie Wai! Thanks thanks! Wow! We have the same qty of CL shoes? How crazy is that?! LOL! Anyway, why did DF stop you from buying the Chanel 2.55 gold lace effect bag? We should be twins on that too! Take good care and talk soon! (BTW, will you be coming to HK again before your wedding?)

    Hey Betsy! How are you? Thanks thanks! Yup, I love these kinds of top very much. Loose but not too loose. I have a big tummy so I can't wear too fitted clothes...:P Those Walter Ma pants are from like a couple of years ago! I wear them to work sometimes...hehe. Glad I can still fit in them and they are really comfy too! There are lots of different cropped pants style now and I'm sure you will be able to find a pair which flatters you the most. :D I'll try my best to post my ODJs every week....hehe!

    Hey Marsee Kat! Glad you like the Camellia WOC I got for Charm. It's really beautiful di ba!? So, you and your sister Jackie are both coming? We should meet and go out with Charm!!! Let me know which date para I can arrange. For Chanel naman, I usually go to Prince's Building one. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific, and I can ask my SA if she can reserve one for you when it's near the time you come. I don't like going to Canton Road Chanel coz it's always so full of people. Hehe! I don't like queues!! My email is BTW. Email me nalang. :D Take care and see you soon!

    honderd1duizend1, wow, your user name is so hard to type! Welcome welcome. Well, we are not rich people, but we save. :D

    Julia, thanks thanks!

    @~@ Bonvic, welcome to my blog! Glad my blog has helped you a bit on Chanel. If you have questions about Chanel, leave me a message here and I'll try my best to answer them.

    Claudia, thanks!

    Hey R! Thanks! Really?? You bought this glitter nude CL too??? It's really beautiful!! Why did you not reorder it in your size 39.5? I'm wearing size 40 for this pair. Love it so much! And yes, I really love this 2.55 lace effect. Wins my heart from all my other 2.55 collection...hehehehe. Have you seen the Cruise and Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Chanel? They have some great costume jeweleries! :D


  9. your chanel bag is perfect! I love it.

  10. Wow, I've never seen that Chanel bag before!
    I would be afraid to wear it. :p
    It's beautiful!

    x Krizia


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