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Monday, February 7, 2011

Red for Luck in the Year of Rabbit!

Hi Dears,

For those of you who are Asians and celebrating the Lunar New Year now, hope you are having a great time with your family and friends these few days!  It's really a huge celebration here, and I have been eating so much this week that I am so sure I've gained a few pounds already!  LOL!

Anyway, still remember my previous post below about color blocks that I like?
Yellow + Gray....Love this color block!

Well,  "Red + Camel/Beige" is another favourite color combination of mine.  :D  In Chinese culture, the color RED represents positive and lucky things.  Since the Chinese fortune tellers said that for the Year of the Rabbit, I need to wear more Red colors to enhance my luck throughout the year, I thought, why not start now?  As Chinese says, "紅運當頭" (Red brings luck to your way)!

Hope you like my ODJs!  Enjoy!

My Red ODJ No. 1

Bottom Layer:  Kookai red camisole
 Middle Layer: Patterson J. Kincaid red/brown/black/beige "Twisted Monaco" print chiffon tank
Top Layer: b+ab dusty beige-pink cardigan with princess sleeves and shimmery rose gold effect

Zara chocolate brown pants (worn folded)

Hermes "Medor" clutch 29cm in Fauve Tadelakt  Gold HW

Lanvin SS2010 Runway nude-beige platform pumps with gold chains details and black leather ankle strap

Chanel 10A Paris-Shanghai "Ultra Knot" Red/Gold CC Dangling earrings with large gold loops
Kookai brown ethnic necklace
Dark brown skinny belt (no brand)
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

Some people might be "scared" to wear red color because it might be too "flashy".  Actually, when paired with the right neutral color (like beige/camel), the red is mellowed down a bit and blends into the entire warm color palette.  Must try!

You probably know by now that I am crazy about shoulder details!  Princess sleeves!  A big "YES" for moi!

This Hermes Medor clutch is now my favourite "go to" clutch for day time use!  Love that it's edgy and the leather is really exquisite! 

  Love the ethnic vibe of this Kookai necklace.....and matches the tone of my ensemble perfectly!
One of my favourite Chanel earrings!  Chanel seldom uses big loops so I'm so glad to find this in Paris last year!  And look at the exquisite details on the CC...just perfect for Chinese New Year!
Lanvin...oh...Lanvin!  I have been crazy about these Lanvin SS2010 Runway pumps since I first saw it on the fashion show!  
(I was so crazy that I actually got 3 pairs of these in similar designs....this pair posted here, another pair in red with quilting details on leather and more pointed, the other one is a beige python with a slightly more pointed toe box...:P)
Glad that my SA called me as soon as it was on sale at Lane Crawford last year!!
Some indoor pictures taken for the Lanvin pumps

And I am in love with the little wood platform in front!

My Red ODJ No. 2

Bottom Layer:  Beige lace turtle neck with lace cuffs (no brand) 
 Middle Layer: b+ab red wool sleeveless tunic
Top Layer: DKNY wool beige/camel/charcoal asymmetrical gray extra long wrap cardigan

Kookai black wax-effect stretch pants (worn folded)

Chanel 10A Rouge Fonce medium (226) washed caviar 2.55 Reissue with aged silver HW

Givenchy FW2010 tan color open toe booties with ankle strap

Antique-finish round brass dangling earrings with beads and crystals (no brand)
Kookai antique-finish long & chunky brass necklace with large elongated beads and thick chain
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
 Bought this DKNY long cardigan from shopbop.  Love the neutral color blocks on it and its asymmetrical "longer in front/shorter at back" design.  Very flowy cardigan and perfect for dresses or jeans or leggings!
 Loving my new Chanel Red (rouge fonce) washed caviar 2.55 Reissue which I got last December but didn't post it here yet.... 
  I think Medium Size (28cm) aka. "226" reissue is the best size among all the reissue sizes!  It's perfect for day and evening!
 I chose a beige turtle neck with lace/ruffle details on the neck and cuffs to spice up the outfit a little bit...

 Love that the pattern on the left and right sides of the cardigan is a bit different. And look at the red Chanel reissue!  So nice with the beige/camel tone, right? :D
  This is actually my 1st reissue in a caviar leather.  Most of my other Chanel reissues are either crackled metallic calf, patent, matte wrinkled calf or python.  I find that the washed effect on this caviar makes the bag even more "vintage" which I love!
 Love the matte tarnished/aged silver Mademoiselle Lock very much!  
Most of my reissues are in shiny ruthenium or matte gold/brass hardware so this is a nice addition to my existing collection!
 This Rouge Caviar reissue is a chameleon as it looks a lot darker indoors, but it is a nice cranberry red when it's carried outdoors. 
 Close-up of my earrings....

Love the special thick chain of this Kookai necklace and it's made of brass. 
 Aside from Givenchy bags, I also love Givenchy shoes too as their designs are unique!  I always buy a pair or 2 each season!  This pair was from FW2010 and I got it on sale from Barney's! Yay! :D 
 I love any leather which is tan in color...another weakness of mine..haha!  Tan color is just the perfect neutral for cool or warm colors!
 Some indoor pictures taken for this pair of Givenchy open toe booties...
 Loving the white/cream contrast stitchings
 Even the stitching details at the back are great!

 More Red, More Luck, More Fortune, More Shopping! :D  
Till my next post....

Gros bisous,


  1. i love all these eye candies! holly molly. you collected so many treasures. love them all.

    beige+camarel+red is rich combo, i like it too.

  2. Hi Julia! Hahaha! Thanks! Yup, you're totally right that I have been acquiring so many treasures over this past year and didn't have time to post them all yet here! :P More to come. Trying to keep my blog alive...hahaha! Thanks for stopping by dear! :D


  3. Oh my! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lanvin pumps!

  4. Hey M! Thanks thanks! I'm quite obsessed with Lanvin shoes! :P Can't help it..hehe!

  5. Just found your blog! Amazing collections!
    I love this Red Caviar reissue on you. What size is it, may I ask?


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