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Thursday, July 16, 2009

See my new Lanvin's!!!

I have been in love with the brand Lanvin for quite some time. I think Alber Elbaz is a genius. His RTWs are to die for!! Duchesse satin, cocktail-length frocks (often with one shoulder), dressed-up cigarette pants, and volume experimentation are his signatures.

Well, I am not ready to splurge on the RTWs yet, so I am starting with shoes. Haha...."Start Small, Think Big!" I might be buying a Happy Sac from Lanvin if I find the right leather/color for me, and of course, Lanvin's costume jeweleries too! I love all their chunky necklace design! And Lanvin has those lovely limited edition porcelain dolls which I'd love to collect as well.

So, here are my new shoes from Lanvin. I am loving them because they are so comfortable for everyday wear!!

Leopard Print Ballerina in Satin and Grosgrain with Ribbon in Navy/Heather Blue/Purple/Black

Love the colorway of this leopard...

Quick modeling pictures...(sorry that the lighting is not that great....)

Blue/Black Satin Cap-Toe Ballerina with unfinished hem

Quick modeling pictures....

Printed Satin Cap-Toe Ballerina in Satin and Grosgrain in Black/Taupe/Ecru

Love the cool abstract prints...

Quick modeling pictures...

Printed Satin Cap-Toe Ballerina in Satin and Grosgrain in Silver Gray/Blue/Beige/Black

I like these "confetti-like" prints...

Quick modeling pictures....

And finally, a FAMILY PICTURE of my Lanvin ballerinas. I'm happy with my collection. :D


  1. I agree with you the guy behind Lanvin is such a genious ! love your collection! are they available in HK? we dont have them in Malaysia here

  2. hey, i just want to say that i love your blog! definitely fashion noteworthy. i obsess over the same things as you. just bought the leopard flats myself. they're sooo great with basics. seeya!

  3. Hi little fish!! Thanks thanks! Hehe...Lanvin collection will grow slowly, not like Chanel. :P I'm still Chanel's no. 1 fan! Hehehe!

    Yup, Lanvin is available in Hong Kong. We have Lanvin boutiques here, and Lane Crawford sells Lanvin bags/shoes/accessories as well.

    You can take a look when you visit Hong Kong.

    Another place to buy Lanvin shoes is "" or "". I got 2 of my Lanvin shoes from "". It's a website from Germany (in English) and so the prices are in Euro (which is cheaper) and we are entitled to tax refund too from the prices on the website. And it has free return and exchange policy for once. Not bad, huh?

    Thanks for stopping by again Fishy. :D


  4. Hi hana! Welcome to my blog and you're so nice to leave me a message. Do you have a blog too which I can visit?

    Haha...yup....obsessions!! I am really obsessed with lots of things!! Congrats on your leopard flats! What color(s) did you get?

    They are so comfy, no? Enjoy them in good health!

    Thanks for stopping by again!


  5. Mia - I'm a fan of Lanvin flats as well! In fact, I have the blue satin one (same as Rachel) too. So we're like triplets now. LOL. There are some good deals now so you must've scored them big time. I'm having so much fun coming here these days becasue of your shoe reveals... more, more, more! :P

  6. i saw these in Barneys new york.

    i think you might get one of each of what they have!

    kudos to 4 pairs of lanvin flats at one go!!

  7. Mia: I must say: you are NUT. Absolutely, NUTS. Are you a caterpillar or something? hahaha...

    JK!! :)

    I love all your lavin.....can I borrow them sometimes? :P

  8. Hi Betsy! Thanks so much!! Hehehe..don't you just love Lanvin flats? They are the most comfortable flats I've ever worn. Even though the outer sole seems to be really flat, but I am surprised of the "cushioning effect" of the insoles. Well, for the Leopard pair, I got them at full price (around Euro300+) at For the "confetti" print, I got them full price at our local Lane Crawford store. For the "abstract" print, I got them on sale at Lane Crawford (with 30% off). And for the blue satin cap toe pair, I got them at around Euro200 when it was on sale at So, not bad...not the cheapest that I can get, but fair enough. I'm happy.

    Hehe..I'll have more shoe reveals when my last dept store package arrives from Neiman Marcus next week or the week after.

    Stay tuned! :D

  9. Thanks Julia! Hehehe...I really wanted to get my Lanvin flats from Barney's because they have the largest selection among all US dept stores. But well, I got them from Europe website and HK Land Crawford before Barney's went on sale. But good that I got them already since when I managed to call Barney's SA, all the flats I want in my size were sold out already. You should try Lanvin flats too! So, we can be quadruplets with Rachel, Betsy, you and myself! Yay!

  10. Rachel, you're most welcome to borrow my shoes. We are around the same size, right? :D (May I borrow your Anthropology necklaces and Erickson Beamon bubble necklace too? These are my fave necklaces from your collection. Hehehhe!)

    And yes!! I'm a crazy caterpillar who needs lots of shoes to become a beautiful butterfly! LOL!!! :D

  11. hi! just to let you know, your not alone! i ADORE lanvin flats too! and just like you, i collect them too!

  12. also, i'm filipino... take care!


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